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Users' recent best runs

UserLevelTypeTimeDate Performed
JTABORSaturn Fortressnormal9:50an hour ago
JTABORFortified Basenormal6:42an hour ago
JTABORGettin' out of Dogecitynormal8:46an hour ago
JTABORMega Man Saves Canada from the Evil Clutches ofnormal7:002 hours ago
JTABORStormy Towernormal4:122 hours ago
JTABORFlower Corenormal11:542 hours ago
JTABORAir Labsnormal4:373 hours ago
JTABORDeep Dark Templenormal7:103 hours ago
MrBitScrub Citycheat5:507 hours ago
JTABORThe Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Roomnormal31:578 hours ago
JTABORObligatory Enemy Spam Levelnormal15:48a day ago
JTABORThe Abyssnormal7:28a day ago

Latest first-place runs

UserLevelTypeTimeDate Performed
AQEScrub Citynormal2:4120 days ago
AQEAlpha-Omegabuster-only1:4720 days ago
AQEUntested Rush Jobbuster-only0:5820 days ago
AQEShort Basebuster-only1:1720 days ago
Silent_HaxorusTaking a Dipbuster-only2:0923 days ago
Silent_HaxorusTaking a Dipno-damage2:0923 days ago

Top Players

UserNormal Runs CompletedTime
1.GniefFiar1113:49:23 60 ms
2.PineappleDerp1116:08:43 60 ms
3.MystSvin1116:13:57 39 ms
4.megabanana1116:48:06 900 ms
5.Silent_Haxorus1117:01:17 30 ms
6.LINSHAO1117:14:01 930 ms
7.BluMoonDan1118:12:43 170 ms
8.UdagawaAko1118:37:49 700 ms
9.Kunosachiaka11110:33:08 730 ms
10.Yoshi202111111:13:18 489 ms
11.mmg8611111:43:41 180 ms
12.TheSkyknight10011113:01:29 919 ms
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